DCG is a FULL SERVICE Acquisitions Firm.

dave-cantin-processPart of our full service approach includes tailoring the appropriate structure to fit your dealership’s needs. Our overall goal is to ensure a seamless process from beginning to end. Services include but are not limited to:

Customized Capital Raising Strategy

DCG works closely with dealers to determine the most appropriate sources of raising capital. Dave Cantin and his team combine their in-depth knowledge of ownership, operations, along with their long standing relationships to provide dealers with multiple options for investment capital. Transaction structures include but are not limited to:

  • Simple buy/sell acquisition
  • Private equity or family office (partial or complete acquisition)
  • Employee buy-ins
  • Minority investor
  • Strategizing an effective succession plan

Due Diligence

DCG’s extensive financial and market knowledge fuels a “no stone unturned” approach to analyzing a dealership’s earnings, revenue and prospective growth. Because of our deep understanding of market conditions, lucrative business models, and keys to growth potential, we are able to lead this process with the confidence that gives you peace of mind.

Manufacturer Applications

DCG will guide both sellers and buyers on proper submission and handling of all the critical manufacturer buy/sell documents and applications. Many buyers and sellers make errors here – from sending information to the wrong individuals to not properly following up on the status and completing required documents. Improper handling results in costly delays, manufacturer turn downs as well as giving the manufacturer time to exercise their right of first refusal.

Succession Planning

Timely and thorough succession planning is a critical component of protecting a dealership’s legacy and ensuring business success. Understanding all of the moving parts to succession planning helps dealer’s assess where they are, and how they can either begin, strengthen or enact their succession plan with the least amount of friction. DCG works closely with key stakeholders to assess their current state of succession planning by using a strategic approach to ensure your dealership’s future.

Legal & Finance Resource Industry Network

DCG works closely with the top legal and accounting firms in the automotive industry. DCG will direct you to the most skilled professionals to provide you with the best guidance and support for your legal and accounting needs. Our goal is to ensure that all transaction data, financial information and market analysis is documented seamlessly. We are committed to keeping the momentum of the entire process moving towards completion.