It won’t be news to anyone who runs an auto dealership business that sometimes, interdepartmental relationships can be tricky and competitive. (You may even classify them as a “terrible headache.”) Fixed and variable ops can go toe-to-toe. Sales and DMV don’t always get along. Sometimes, sales and the business development center (BDC) don’t always see eye-to-eye. While it’s important for every department to be working toward the same goals and cooperating, there is one place it’s extra critical for everyone to be on the same page: marketing and BDC.

It’s About the Customer Experience

If there are two department that need to always work in congress, it’s your marketing department and your BDC. After all, the BDC is on the front lines of customer interaction, right at the point of inquiry when customers reach out to you. What is more important that knowing where those customers are coming from and why they’re calling? If you don’t, how are you going to market to them effectively?

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