Many women report being wary of car shopping. They’re worried they may be the targets of “bait and switch” sales tactics or be duped by male sales personnel taking advantage of women’s perceived lack of experience in vehicle technology.

“In their car shopping experience, women can be treated like delicate flowers, completely out of their element, and in need of a tutorial on where the vanity mirror is, instead of on the advanced safety features the car is equipped with,” wrote Nicole Wakelin for “Condescending attitudes, and a clear misunderstanding of what women want in a car — and from the car-buying process — make women want to turn around and walk right back out the door.”

While manufacturers are beginning to understand that tailoring the marketing and sales process for women is a lucrative thing to do — women buy 54 percent of the cars in the U.S. and influence 84 percent of all vehicle purchase decisions – dealerships have been slower to catch up.

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