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Dave Cantin and Brian Brown were consummate professionals throughout the entire process. This was our first buy/sell and initially we were looking to add a small store. When it was all said and done, not only did DCG successfully help us execute that goal, but we ended up selling our big store. The team came to the table with an offer we just couldn’t refuse. There were a lot of moving parts in both transactions and at some points the deals seemed like they were going to fall apart. I can say with the upmost confidence that without DCG at the helm, neither deal would have been executed. We are now a couple of months post closing and they are still there to help with a few issues that have arisen. These were the largest transactions our family ever took part in and we couldn’t be happier that we chose DCG as partners in the transactions.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Vincent P. Odoardi

Managing Partner - Bedford Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

As the founder and former CEO of American Auction Group (now known as XLerate Group) I have known George Pero for over seven years. In 2012 my company had the pleasure of acquiring all of George’s auctions (Auctions in Motion). The addition of George’s auctions certainly increased my company’s national footprint but equally as important this acquisition enabled us to bring one of our industry’s most creative and successful serial entrepreneurs on to our senior management team.George Pero’s business successes were, and continue to be, a direct result of his visionary approach and passionate dedication to developing and executing new methodologies in an industry that hasn’t always embraced change. That combined with his fine tuned leadership, problem solving and decision making skills positioned George to excel in the area of mergers and acquisitions on our behalf. I miss working with George Pero for he has always brought an air of inspiring excitement and energy to everything he does.

Testimonial for: George Pero

Steve Simon

To say that George is an asset to a team is a complete understatement. His drive, passion and sheer determination makes him an unstoppable force in the community and business. His actions and leadership lifts others, he breeds success to all those around him. For numerous years, I’ve witnessed George accept a challenge and achieve almost every goal he’s set as his mark. His ability to develop markets, operate on budgets, build company from start-up to profitability, establish a healthy culture of a company and communicate effectively are some of the best of anyone I know. I would jump at an opportunity to work with George because I know, without a doubt, he will create the success for the challenge in front of him.

Testimonial for: George Pero

Michael Yanke

President, Global Evolution Management

Mark came to me through a recommendation from my contacts at the Hendrick Automotive Group. His diligence and attention to details are exemplary. He has an incredible network of automotive professionals in his arsenal and brings a fresh sense of creativity the transaction.

Testimonial for: Mark Dwyer

Mark Wright

Carlson Toyota

Mark’s relationship with our stores spans over 25 years. His work ethic coupled with integrity drives his passion for the business. Mark is highly professional with strong automotive business instincts. His background in interpreting financial data and factory relationships has helped our company immensely in some complicated manufacturer issues.

Testimonial for: Mark Dwyer

Mike Woodrum

General Manager/Partner, Woodrum Ford Toyota

I have worked with Mark for the past 11 years on many projects. Mark’s experience as both a factory executive and dealer operator brought a unique level of confidence and expertise to our transactions. He understood my goals and exceeded my expectations; I trust him implicitly and am proud to call him my friend.

Testimonial for: Mark Dwyer

John Widiger

Youngblood Auto Group

I have work with William “Woody” Woodward for over 4 years, it is and has been an absolute pleasure. He is a consummate automotive professional, with experience in turnarounds, dealership operations and an in depth knowledge of dealership financial statements. Most importantly, the bedrock of our relationship is his ability to distill complex issues to the simplest of explanations. His candor, and the ability to always speak honestly make him a valued colleague and a trusted friend.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward

Mark W. Juron

Juron Automotive Consultants

I’ve known Bill Woodward “Woody” for 35 years. As the owner of Inskip Autocenter and Autocenter Enterprises with 21 franchises and many locations, many were sold to the Penske Organization. Woody was by my side through many business purchases, operating and growing them for over 25 of years. He is one of the most knowledgeable and dependable people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Honesty and integrity are his hallmark qualities. He’s also has extensive experience in all lines including most of the luxury franchises. If I were to open another dealership he would be one of the first people I’d call.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward

Rick Gudoian

Former Dealer Principle, Inskip Autocenter Autocenter Enterprises

I have known and worked with ‘Woody” Woodward since 1983. He is a unique “car guy” that understands the retail auto business across every franchise as well as used and fixed operations. His depth of understanding and experience running many dealerships will enhance any transaction whether on the sell or buy side. You can expect transparency, straight talk and a relentless partner when you engage “Woody”.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward

Greg Hoffman

CEO Resources Management Group

Over the years we have worked with Tony on a number of buy/sell transactions. His 25 years of experience as general counsel for two large actively-growing multi-franchise dealer groups gives him unique insight into a wide variety of deal scenarios. His dual perspective on the business exigencies and legal hurdles associated with buy/sell transactions, and day-to-day dealership operations, are invaluable in navigating a deal from negotiation through closing.

Testimonial for: Tony Karabon

Eric A. Baker

Partner, Boardman & Clark LLP

I have had the pleasure of working with Tony for over 25 years. His attention to detail and ability to break down even the most complex transactions into manageable projects has resulted in stunning successes. He has a unique ability to understand the needs of sellers and buyers and leverages that skill to create the positive forces necessary to bring even the most difficult deals to closure.

Testimonial for: Tony Karabon

Kevin J. Kinney

Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C, Co-chair - OD M&A Practice Group

I have known Dave Cantin for many years, both as a business associate and then as a dear friend. We met when he was the general manager and part owner of Brad Benson Hyundai and I was the principal of Kera & Co., LLC. Dave has a deep-rooted knowledge of both the front and back-end of the car business, which allowed him to make a natural progression to become a successful broker. He is able to skillfully construct transactions that are beneficial to both the buyer and seller in a way that is seamless. He is always responsive and accessible and has been a tremendous resource to me for many years.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Ellen Kera

Partner, Citrin Cooperman

Dave Cantin is one of the most organized, aggressive, and transparent brokers I have ever worked with in our industry. He takes the time to get to know what your goals are first, and then he puts together a plan to get you there. He is always easy to reach and never too busy to talk to. I honestly feel that he wants to help me achieve my goals rather than use me to achieve his. When its time to grow, he’s my first phone call.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Carl Taska, Jr.

Tasca Automotive Group

Dan’s knowledge of the automotive business has guided several of my dealer clients navigate the complexities involved in owning a franchise dealership.

Testimonial for: Dan Simonson

Charles L. Verner

First Vice President UBS Wealth Management

With Dan’s help my former dealership group was able to secure a $40M wholesale finance credit line that enabled our group to open new locations.

Testimonial for: Dan Simonson

Rick Burstyn

CFO Paretti Land Rover/Jaguar/Mazda

Dan’s extensive automotive/captive finance background has been invaluable to Crescent Ford Trucks throughout the last 10 years.

Testimonial for: Dan Simonson

Terry Stoskopf

Owner Crescent Ford Trucks

Since 2012 Dan has provided our dealership group with best in class financial services that have helped our dealership group grow.

Testimonial for: Dan Simonson

Ramin Farrahmand

Owner/Partner Florida Fine Cars

I worked with Stephen Jones at GPB Capital in the successful sale of my dealership, Tower Ford in Great Neck, NY. Stephen handled several of the pre-closing and post-closing details for GPB such as due diligence with Citrin Cooperman and presenting the deal to the Acquisition Committee at GPB. Stephen worked diligently post-closing with myself and the landlord for a relocation of the showroom to Northern Boulevard. Stephen is very helpful and knowledgeable in the auto retail industry. His ability to navigate through challenging situations is impressive. I highly recommend any dealer looking to sell to reach out to Stephen for his assistance and expertise.

Testimonial for: Stephen Jones

Larry Orlando

President Tower Ford, Inc

I first began working with Stephen in 2014, and since that time, we have worked closely together on a number of automotive dealership buy/sells, several of which have been extremely complex and challenging transactions. In our time working together, Stephen has continued to impress me with his hard work, professionalism and calmness under pressure, all of which have been instrumental in achieving successful outcomes for the transactions involved.

Testimonial for: Stephen Jones

Kevin Gottehrer

Corporate Partner at Parker Poe

I had the pleasure of working with Stephen during our recent Buy/Sell transaction. Stephen’s attention to detail, and in-depth knowledge of the process, assisted in a smooth and expedited closing. His unique problem-solving skills and ability to overcome objections are tremendous assets.

Testimonial for: Stephen Jones

Maryann E. Kolb

President of Bill Kolb Jr Subaru

I have worked closely with Stephen on large multi-franchise dealership transactions which included tremendous attention to detail on the manufacturer submission of over 25 individual dealership application packages. Stephen’s professionalism, dedication and ability to adapt to evolving structures enhances the success of the deal and ultimately the ability to meet closing deadlines.

Testimonial for: Stephen Jones

Greg Gilmore

Founder and President of The Apex Group, Inc.

I first began working with Dave Cantin in 2015. He impressed me from day one with his responsiveness and professionalism. Dave is transparent, straightforward and brings a wealth of automobile industry knowledge that is second to none. From the beginning to the end of my first deal brokered by Dave, he stuck with me through every step of the process. After such a positive experience, I sought out Dave again for two more deals, which have been very successful. The great thing about Dave is that he doesn’t disappear after the deal is closed. I can share my thoughts and ideas and he’s always there to help me take my business to the next level.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Heshy Gottdiener

Founder & President Comfort Auto Group

Dave Cantin is a living testament to the power of the human spirit. He has overcome insurmountable experiences and life events that have opened his heart to a deeper level of contribution. His light is poised to transform the world.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Panache Desai

Transformational Teacher

Dave Cantin is the real deal! His presence is inspiring and his mentorship is empowering. He has a huge heart and cares deeply. When he speaks and teaches, he shares from first hand experience. He’s a terrific role model for any entrepreneur, veteran or startup.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Sandra and Daniel Biskind

Transformational leaders and international #1 Bestselling Authors

It’s hard to find a person who embodies a combination of passion, vision, great ‘know-how’ and who is also genuine at heart. I had the opportunity of meeting Dave on a personal level and from our first meeting, to getting to know him, it’s easy to see his sensibility. He cares deeply and it translates into his business, his community awareness, and to why he’s successful. It’s great to call him a friend.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Jay Ivy

Grammy Award Winning Performance Poet & Author

I was recently represented by Dave Cantin in selling two franchised dealerships. From engagement to closing, my transactions were handled with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism. Dave’s business acumen combined with his vast experience as a former operator were invaluable. Dave Cantin was instrumental in structuring and negotiating every facet of the transactions, resulting in obtaining more net proceeds for me than anyone else possibly could have, and frankly, more than I expected. I do not hesitate to recommend Dave Cantin to any dealer principal interested in being represented by “the best in the business” and achieving top dollar!

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Jay Brichke

Owner, JAB Automotive LLC

If you thought Dave was a monster Hyundai dealer, let him sell your store. He doesn’t sell, he finds the right candidate. Dave is involved in every facet of the deal. He manages the relationship and the time table, sets the expectations and closes the deal. Thank you Dave Cantin!

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Drew Picon

President, Hackettstown Hyundai

Dave Cantin was truly the only reason that I was able to complete the transaction on our new dealership. He was able to help both the seller and I find common ground on some contentious issues. When it seemed that the deal wouldn’t actually happen, he kept us moving forward. I would not think of doing another buy/sell without calling Dave first.”

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Roy Greenblatt

Matt Blatt Dealerships

I can’t thank Dave enough for finding us the new dealership in Freehold that we closed on in August of 2017. He has an amazing work ethic and followed up on all the details, dates and important contractual issues. Dealing with Dave was a pleasure and I am sure that this isn’t the last deal that we will do. Dave went out of his way to help with issues that arose after closing – something that I truly appreciate!

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Randy Lebowitz

Automobile Dealer NJ & PA

I contacted Dave Cantin after I tried 2 other brokers to sell my dealership with no success. Dave assured me that he has the network to get my dealership sold. Within 30 days Dave had me in contract with the right buyer. From beginning to end, hands down, Dave is one of the best brokers you can work with. I would not hesitate in recommending Dave Cantin to any dealer that wants to sell or buy a dealership. He works extremely hard in getting you top dollar if your selling. BEST IN THE BUSINESS!

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Chris Erato

Bay Ridge Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

I want to express my deepest thanks to Dave Cantin for selling my Chevrolet dealership. The process was quick and painless, and I got exceptional value for it. Everything was very confidential between the buyer and the seller. I have worked with other brokers in the past and Dave, by far, was the most professional.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Alan Hornbeck

Alan Hornbeck Chevrolet