Automakers Taking Sides in Competing Vehicle Communications Platforms

You may have noticed something last time you went to the doctor: the electronic chaos. Electronic health records (EHR), which healthcare providers are under federal orders to switch to, aren’t making things any faster or easier. In fact, it seems to take more time to check in for a doctor’s appointment than it does to close a mortgage, and mistakes are increasingly common. The reason? While the federal government told healthcare providers they must go electronic, it didn’t stipulate what platform they should use. A dizzying array of competitive platforms that don’t integrate well with one another has been the result.

Some analysts believe we could be headed the same way when it comes to vehicle communications if the entire industry – not only cars and devices, but municipal infrastructure — doesn’t adopt some standards. There are companies that are trying: Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, and Qualcomm are currently working together on a peer-to-peer wireless technology called C-V2X (“cellular-vehicle-to-everything”) that’s already being used for demonstrations and prototypes.

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