Back in 2014, CBS News’ “60 Minutes” did a profile on Tesla’s Model S as well as an interview with Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Sharp-eared viewers noticed something odd, however: a “vroom” sound as well as gear-changing on footage of the car that simply shouldn’t have been there, considering the Model S is fully electric and emits virtually no sound at all. In addition to being an all-electric engine, it doesn’t shift gears: the vehicle is powered by an AC induction motor moving power through a single-speed fixed gear transmission. “60 Minutes” had dubbed in audio of a high-revving gas engine changing gears through a conventional gearbox over footage of the Model S. (because it seemed to fit the image of a sexy, sporty car.) CBS admitted to an “audio error” made by an editor and removed the sound from online versions of the program.

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