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    Acquisition Listings

    DCG prides itself in representing dealership acquisition listings across the entire US that offer buyers exceptional value, return, and growth potential.

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    What We Do

    Your partners through acquisition and beyond.
    DCG is uniquely positioned to deliver a successful acquisition whether you are seeking to sell or buy.

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    Meet The Founder

    Dave Cantin is a sought after automobile acquisitions specialist, speaker, self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist. In 2017, Dave closed the second largest auto buy/sell in U.S. history.

    Dave Cantin
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    From small single-point General Motors stores to our sourcing of Prime Automotive Group, Dave Cantin’s unique depth of industry knowledge has been instrumental to the growth of our organization.

    Jeff Lash, Managing Partner Capstone Automotive Group - GPB Capital
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    Fighting Childhood Cancer

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    Succession Planning

A Dealership?

We provide new buyers guidance on profit improvement areas, expense reduction opportunities, digital opportunities and more.

A Dealership?

Our unique and positive relationship with multiple investment sources allows us to customize your entire experience.

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who we are
  •  DCG 

    With over 20 years of industry expertise, DCG is a full service automotive M&A firm

    Dave Cantin has personally closed over 2 billion dollars of transactions in collaboration with both strategic and private equity investors. With the increasing prominence of direct investors, private equity and institutional investors in the automotive industry, we work side by side with over 30 such capital providers to place your deal.

    Dave Cantin
  • dave cantin

    Automobile Acquisitions Specialist, Speaker, Self-made Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

    Dave was recognized for having “more impact on the industry than any single individual or company in recent memory as an agent of change and retail consolidation” when Automotive News Magazine named him their 2012 Newsmaker of the Year.

    Dave Cantin
  • our approach

    The Dave Catin Group is a FULL SERVICE Acquisitions Firm

    Part of our full service approach includes tailoring the appropriate structure to fit your dealership’s needs. Our overall goal is to ensure a seamless process from beginning to end.

    Dave Cantin

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